Nikon D850 is to be equipped with hybrid viewfinder!

The Nikon D850 is to be the first DSLR, which will be equipped with a hybrid viewfinder – a combination of optical and electronic viewfinder.

Electronic viewfinder Optical viewfinder

One of the big differences between a DSLR and a DSLM is the viewfinder. Classic SLR cameras are equipped with optical viewfinders, while mirrorless system cameras with electronic viewfinders come from. Both systems have basic advantages and disadvantages. A few years ago the electronic viewfinders were often a bit too slow, which was why micro-joggers and lags could occur during fast movements. In the meantime, however, these problems have largely been eliminated, so that in the eyes of many photographers an EVF brings various advantages. For example, you can work with Focus Peaking, the autofocus in the Live View is often faster and you can see directly how the selected settings affect the finished picture. But the optical viewfinder still delivers the “real” picture.

The optimal solution would be, of course, if you did not choose between a camera with an optical or electronic viewfinder, but a manufacturer would simply offer a camera with a so-called hybrid viewfinder. In the area of ​​the DSLRs, however, such a hybrid viewfinder is unfortunately not – or should we say, “not yet”?

Nikon D850 with hybrid viewfinder?

According to current rumors, the Nikon D850 is the first DSLR to be equipped with a hybrid viewfinder. Where: A purely speculative rumor is actually not really so real. Although there is still a final confirmation of this assumption, but overall it seems quite likely that the Nikon D850 will come with a combination of EVF and OVF. But with absolute certainty you can not know it at the present time. So please take the following information with caution.

As you probably have noticed, yesterday the first pictures of the Nikon D850 leached. And in these pictures, two small holes are visible above the viewfinder, which are not supposed to be holes of screws, but rather are sensors which detect whether one is looking through the viewfinder and whether the EVF has to be activated accordingly , This is known from countless mirrorless system cameras. There is also on the side of the viewfinder also a small lever, with which one can switch between OVF and EVF back and forth:

Also, the Nikon D850 is equipped with a hybrid viewfinder, is a patent that Nikon has submitted five years ago. There is precisely this technology of a hybrid viewfinder to be seen. From a technical point of view, the whole thing will probably be implemented in such a way that at the end of the Pentaprisensucher an electronic viewfinder, which is ultimately nothing but a small display is placed. When the mirror box is then folded up, the optical viewfinder is automatically dark and the EVF can be used. This is how the patent looks:

From my point of view, this really sounds very interesting. Nikon could definitely upgrade the D850 with a well-implemented hybrid viewfinder and perhaps we will soon see this viewfinder as one of the major innovations of the last few years – so it will really be part of the D850.

What do you think the Nikon D850 should come with a combination of OVF and EVF?

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