Nikon announces Super-DSLR D850

Ikon has announced the D850 the successor of the digital SLR camera D810. The new full-format DSLR will probably offer a higher resolution and better ISO values ​​than the three-year-old predecessor model.

Nikon announces an announcement: The D850 is to come soon, the Japanese camera manufacturer announced. The current D810 is a Kleinbildkamera with enormous resolution, which is probably topped by the successor still. Whether 4K video is on board, will still show, because Nikon is unaccustomed with technical data.

The D850 is aimed at all photographers in the professional and hobby sector, with outstanding image quality and a wide range of possible applications, such as landscaping, sports, fashion and wedding photography. In addition, the camera is suitable for the creation of multimedia content, says Nikon without being concrete.

The D850 is the successor model to the D810, which has been especially praised for its extremely sharp and clear images as well as its large tonal range and will remain in the Nikon product range. This will probably make them cheaper.

The D810 costs 3.329 euros. The resolution of the sensor of the current camera is 36.3 megapixels. It is conceivable that Nikon on the D850 goes to 40 or even 45 megapixels. The sensitivities range from the current model from ISO 64 to 51.200. An improvement is also expected here.

When the Nikon D850 comes onto the market, the camera manufacturer has not revealed so far. So far only a teaser video has been published.

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